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Where to upload raw DNA data? 25 Best DNA Upload Websites

Did you test your DNA with one of the genotyping companies like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage? Don’t stop there and leave your raw DNA untouched!

What is raw DNA data? 

It is essentially a highlighted version of your whole genome that you can download from your testing company. If you know the right places to upload raw DNA data for additional analysis, you can learn many more secrets about your health, ancestry and even personality!

We’ve compared just about every site to upload raw DNA data that would definitely cover what you are looking for.

AncestryHealth & diseasesNutritionFitnessPhysical traitsPersonality



Fitness Genes


Genes For Good

Genetic Genie




Living DNA

Nebula Genomics





Xcode Life

The best places to upload your raw DNA to would obviously depend on what you would like to analyze further. But there are still many websites that offer the same type of information. Which ones have the best quality and price? We handpicked the most useful or interesting websites from each category.

Ancestry and Genealogy

Although a standard DNA test already provides you with basic ancestry information. You can delve much further by uploading your raw DNA data to a site dedicated to genealogy. Since users can get results from different testing companies, you may miss potential matches just looking at your provider’s ancestry reports. 

GEDmatch – genetic tools for genealogy enthusiasts

GEDmatch is one of the most powerful genetic tools for genealogy enthusiasts. Many technical users love its detailed analyses. You can perform both autosomal and X-chromosome comparisons to make the most out of your genetics. If you want to check if you have Native American ancestry with uploaded raw DNA for free, GEDmatch can compare you to reference genetics of Native American people. 

Reports: One-to-many DNA comparisons (Autosomal and X-DNA), Admixture (heritage), Archaic DNA matches, Ancestry projects, My Evil Twin and others

Price: Free for basic tools. Upgrade to Tier 1 program at $10 per month. – in-depth genealogical info for free is a place where you can upload raw DNA data for in-depth genealogical info for free. It helps you discover your ethnicity, genetic makeup, find relatives and build family trees. You can also use the tool DNA.Land Compass to navigate your genome through scientific studies by yourself. Since many people from different testing companies come to, it is an excellent idea to upload your raw DNA data here to find relatives.

Reports: Ancestry report, Relative matching, Trait prediction

Price: Free

LivingDNA – shows you your recent family ancestry up to 15 generations

LivingDNA can show you your recent family ancestry up to 15 generations. It also has mitochondrial DNA and YDNA tests that trace your maternal and paternal haplogroups. It is great for tracing where your ancestors lived, especially if they were from the British Isles.

Reports: Ancestry, Wellbeing (Nutrition & Fitness)

Price: Uploading raw DNA to LivingDNA and its global analysis are free. Deep analyses are optional upgrades.

Health and diseases

Genetics play an important part in determining your health and risks for developing certain diseases. If you are looking to better manage a disease diagnosis, medication or even allergy, you may want to know what’s encoded in your genotype.

Promethease – paper retrieval system that gets its information from SNPedia

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that connects your DNA to a massive library of science publications (SNPedia). It provides information on what particular genetic variants may mean for diseases such as Alzheimer’s or breast cancer. 

Reports: Interactive reports of medical health, diseases, physical traits and mental health

Price: $12

LiveWello – evidence-based analyses in simple language

LiveWello is great if you want to learn about disease risks but need some help in understanding the science. LiveWello offers evidence-based analyses in simple language, as well as other practical health tools. For example, you can use your raw DNA to find out which antidepressants will work for you. You can also benefit from a personalized health record, medical document library, and Health villages – a strong community where people help each other out. 

Reports: Health reports, Genetic variance reports

Price:Basic functions and 28 reports at $19.95. Subscribe for $60 per year to gain access to all 132 health reports.

SelfDecode – for users who would like actionable advice, instead of raw science

SelfDecode is a competitive provider for medical health information. It is the most friendly to users who would like actionable advice, instead of raw science. Personalized coaching and daily blogs are useful if you want to use everyday lifestyle to optimize health.

Reports: Health overview, Inflammation, Cardiovascular health, Sleep, Vitamins, Minerals, Mood, APOE, Fitness, Cognitive functions, MTHFR, Longevity 

Price: $289 for a lifetime access or $59 annual subscription.

Nutrition and fitness 

Not only can medical treatment be personalized, but also nutrition and fitness too! There are so many different “healthy” diets and workout regimes nowadays, but which ones are truly good for you? You can use raw DNA analysis to get genetically tailored recommendations on nutrition and fitness.

Xcode Life

Xcode Life uses state-of-the-art algorithms to curate nutrition and fitness information. The initial results are interpreted by genetic experts and presented to users as practical recommendations. For example, in the Gene Allergy report, you will get 15+ types of allergy predispositions, including pollen, food, and lesser known ones like histamine intolerance. In the Precision Medicine report, you will get to know your metabolizer status for 150+ drugs. 

Reports: Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Health, Gene Allergy, Precision Medicine, Gene Skin, MTHFR, Carrier Status, Traits & Personality

Price: $20-40 for individual reports, $49-99 for bundles


Athletigen presents your genetic variants at genome locations involved in a variety of topics including vitamin metabolism and athletic performance. A unique report is the Optimum movement and recovery report which analyzes movements that may cause you injuries. You will get many recommendations on how to optimize your athletic performance.

Reports: Sports Performance, Optimum Movement and Recovery, Nutrition, Athletic Report, Wellness Report

Price: A free Welcome Report that covers basic traits when you upload your own raw DNA. Each additional report costs up to $80.

Fitness Gene

Fitness Genes offers a wealth of information about your genetic nutrition and fitness goals. You will be given a tailored plan of daily nutritional intake and workout strategies based on how your genetics affect metabolism. 

Report: personalized report dashboard covering genetically tailored nutrition and workout plan

Price: Analysis using uploaded raw DNA data costs $49.

Personality and intelligence

Digging deeper into your DNA data, you will find secrets about your personality and intelligence! 


Genomelink can show you some very interesting personality traits, ranging from your tendency to be angry to fear of pain. In addition, Genomelink also covers nutrition and fitness insights.

Reports: Nutrition, Intelligence, Sports, Physical traits, Personality

Price: After uploading your raw DNA, you can get 25 free trait reports. As a subscriber ($14/month), you also have access to 125+ reports and weekly new trait reports.

Gene Plaza

GenePlaza is an “App store” of less mainstream traits including mental health and intelligence. Users love how Gene Plaza offers intuitive explanations rather than technical terms. It also compares your level with the population average.

Reports: Health traits, Intelligence, Ethnicity Calculator, Math Ability, Sleep, Taste, Neuroticism, Coffee metabolism, Depression and more

Price: You can purchase individual apps at the cost of a couple of dollars each.


TraitDNA is a newcomer on the DNA analysis market, but one that is dedicated to understanding personality and behavior. It helps you uncover unique genetic predispositions to behaviors like neuroticism. 

Reports: Personality

How to download raw DNA files?

You can download raw DNA files from your genetic testing company. Most providers would have “How to” instructions:

How to upload raw DNA data?

Once you have decided what information you are looking for and which platforms are the best, it’s time to upload raw DNA to your chosen site! The websites mentioned in this article would all allow you to do that, and it should be as simple as clicking a button. 

Typically, a third party DNA analysis site would provide you instructions on how to upload raw DNA files. If you are wondering whether your DNA files are accepted, the website’ FAQ pages usually contain a list of compatible providers.

For example, you can upload raw DNA data to GEDmatch using file from 23andMe,, and GEDmatch provides a helpful Quick Start Guide.

Having said that, there are some places that do not allow raw DNA uploads or need special transfer steps.

Upload raw DNA data to 23andMe

23andMe does not accept other vendor’s files. You can only test with 23andMe and download its files. 

Upload raw DNA data to Ancestry

You also cannot upload raw DNA data to Ancestry. You can download raw DNA by following this guide.

Upload raw DNA data to FamilyTreeDNA

You can upload previous raw DNA data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA and MyHeritage. Alternatively, you can transfer your results by providing an identification number. For more information, see the Transfer Policy.

Upload raw DNA data to MyHeritage

If you have taken a DNA test with another provider, you can upload your raw DNA data to MyHeritage for free DNA matches here

Upload raw DNA data to WikiTree

WikiTree does not take your raw DNA data directly. You need to register at GEDmatch first and then add your GEDmatch ID to your DNA Tests page in WikiTree. Read more information on WikiTree’s Help page.