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Appearance – Genetic Predispositions Report

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Facial attractiveness (source: Hu, 2019)

This study aimed to understand the genetics of familial short stature, which is defined as having a shorter stature than 97% of people of the same age and gender.

Height (source: Wood, 2014)

Identification of 697 genetic variants associated with height in a study of over 250,000 individuals.

Visceral adiposity (source: Karlsson, 2019)

Identification of over 100 novel genetic variants correlated with fat build-up around the body’s internal organs.

Body mass index (source: Anderson, 2020)

Identification of a novel regions on chromosome 11 that is associated with lower body mass index, lower insulin resistance, and favorable blood lipid levels.

Familial short stature (source: Lin, 2020)

Discovery of 10 genetic variants associated with familial short stature.

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