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Addictions – Genetic Predispositions & Risks

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Cannabis use (source: Demontis, 2019)

About 1 in 10 users of cannabis become dependent on it and develop cannabis use disorder (CUD). The strongest association identified was with a variant that decreases the expression of the CHRNA2 gene in the brain.

Opioid use (source: Polimanti, 2020)

Opioids are highly addictive which can result in misuse and fatal overdoses. This genome-wide study of over 41,000 individuals of European and African descent investigated genetic contributions to opioid use and dependence. The study identified 2 variants associated with opioid use.

Alcohol Consumption (source: Evangelou, 2019)

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of death and disability worldwide with a mortality rate of up to 2.2% and 6.8% for women and men, respectively. This genome-wide association examined 480,842 individuals of European ancestry and discovered 46 new genetic variants associated with alcohol consumption.

Heavy alcohol consumption (source: Thompson, 2020)

Heavy alcohol consumption is a common disorder. It is characterized by heavy drinking patterns that can lead to dependence on alcohol, and eventually result in major health issues like liver disease and heart problems. One of the variants is near the GCKR gene that encodes a protein that acts as a sugar sensor.

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