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Complete Guide to NutraHacker: Tutorial, Review & FAQ

Nutrahacker is a raw DNA analysis website. Raw DNA results may have been acquired from using well-known services such as 23andMe or AncestryDNA.  NutraHacker lets you know how your genes contribute to your health. It also offers advice on how to improve your health with supplements based on their complete mutation report.

There are also reports for:

  •  Carrier status and drug response
  •  Celiac disease
  •  Depression
  •  Fitness

How much does NutraHacker cost?

The cost of uploading your data to NutraHacker is FREE.

If you choose to fill in some basic information about yourself you can also receive a FREE detox report. However, there is a charge for the other reports. The prices vary depending on which one you have chosen.

NutraHacker Reports: which to use?

  • Carrier status and drug response report $23.00
    • This report analyses your genes based on your carrier status for major conditions (1 out of 2 copies of the gene is a disease gene). They also inform you how your genes make you respond to drugs for major conditions. 
  • Celiac disease $20.00
    • Celiac disease affects 1% of people. Although this sounds like very little, worldwide this means over 70 million people have this disease. HLA-DQA1 and HLA-DQB1 are variants (version of a gene that is different to what it originally was) that influence celiac disease. Different variations of these 2 genes can increase the likelihood of a person having celiac disease.
  • Depression report $85.00
    • Depression is an extremely common mental illness affecting over 250 million people worldwide. Despite this the World Health Organization estimates between 76% – 85% of people in low or middle income countries receive no treatment. With NutraHacker you can find out which of your genes influence the likelihood of depression. This report also analyses how a person’s genes may interact with certain commonly used drugs for depression such as Citalopram.
  • Fitness report $55.00
    • Fitness is key to a healthy body and mind. Here you can find out how your genes shape your heart and lung health.

NutraHacker Sample Report

On the NutraHacker website there are sample reports to view so that customers can prepare themselves for their own results. The first page of the report includes material to help understand the more complicated technical terms used in the table of results.

NutraHacker sample report

NutraHacker Sample Report Contains:

  1. rsID: this is the specific single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) your genome contains. An SNP is an area of the genome that varies between people.
  2. Gene: lists the gene name.
  3. Variant: gives the variant name.
  4. Positive allele: An allele is a different version of a variant. A positive allele means this version of the variant
  5. Class: in this report this is specific to the depression report, it is referencing the type of drugs this gene influences.
  6. Treatment: contains the drug treatment used for depression for people with this gene variant.
  7. Response: this is where an individual can be heterozygous (the 2 alleles for a gene are different) or homozygous (the 2 alleles for a gene are the same).
  8. Publication highlight: this contains specific information linking the individual’s genome to research. In this section it explains how the genome influences disease and also which treatment method is preferred. Finally the last column references the number citation to read from the list of research papers made available at the bottom of the report.
NutraHacker sample report

NutraHacker Reviews

NutraHacker has many positive reviews. gave 4.5+ stars for customer service, references cited and value for money. Only clarity of results fell behind with 2 stars. Other reviews, as well as posts on the NutraHacker reddit forum, follow a similar pattern. They are complimentary on customer service and value but confused over the results.

NutraHacker Pros and Cons


  • Good value for money and even a FREE detoxification report
  • Simple to use
  • Detailed information


  • Important information is too science heavy and difficult for the average person

How to use NutraHacker?

Using NutraHacker is simple and easy. 

Step 1: Obtain your raw DNA results from a company that can do this, here is a list of companies supported by NutraHacker:

  • 23andME
  • AncestryDNA
  • MyHeritage

Step 2: Upload data to NutraHacker. 

Step 3: Once the data has been analysed, NutraHacker will send you the report. The report will come with some supplementary information and sources to help you to better understand the results.

NutraHacker offers a FREE detoxification report. You can use their visual tool to better understand which supplements you should take to enhance your health. 

NutraHacker has also partnered with VitaminLab which is a company that creates customised supplements at a price of $49 per month. VitaminLab creates a tablet to be taken 3 times a day to make sure you meet the recommendations of the report.

Is NutraHacker safe?

NutraHacker is mostly a safe genome analysis. The data is sent securely and quickly. They do not store your personal name and the questionnaire for the free detox report is anonymous. It is only mostly safe due to the nature of some of the reports and how they may be interpreted. Each report has a disclaimer stating it should not use their report as definitive proof of diagnosis. They also recommend and treatments should be first consulted with a doctor.


In summary, NutraHacker is a good value for money genome analysis website that offers detailed information. This detail is also one of its drawbacks as the information in the reports can be confusing.