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Is Genomelink legit? A Comprehensive Review

What is Genomelink?

Genomelink ( is a site for anyone interested in learning more about themselves using genetics, not just health and ancestry but other quirkier traits

Genomelink’s mission is to deliver fun self-discovery experiences that are relevant to daily life for everyone, in what the founders call “Unleash the power of DNA data”. Thus far, Genome link has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the competitive market of genetic information. 

After you get a DNA test from companies like 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage, you will be able to download the raw DNA data and upload to third party DNA analysis sites such as Genomelink. Using Genomlink, you can have fun exploring yourself, with genetics-based predictions on questions like:

  • Do you get angry easily?
  • Do you have a high gambling tendency?
  • Are you a happy person?
  • Do you tend do be more impulsive?

How does Genomelink work?

Genomelink has a team of scientists who extracts information from published genomics research. The information is then presented in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner for curious users. 

Although Genomelink does not offer direct genetic test kits, it is compatible with raw DNA data tested from most other companies. Genomelink then analyses common SNPs that have been shown to vary among people and contribute to human traits. 

For example, a genome-wide association study was conducted to identify genetic clues related to loneliness and found 15 such locations in our genome. Since loneliness can lead to depression and other negative impacts on health, knowing your genetic predisposition to loneliness could be an important piece of information. Based on these science publications, Genomelink helps you check whether your genes may make you more susceptible to loneliness. 

How much does Genomelink cost?

Genome link offers both a FREE and a paid plan for the curious and the extremely curious.

Free plan:

  • Immediate access to 25 trait reports
  • Ability to compare Genomelink traits with 1 other person

Paid plan:

  • $14/month 
  • Immediate access to 125+ traits 
  • 1 weekly email with a new “Discovery Trait” based on latest research
  • Ability to compare Genomelink traits with 5 other people

Genomelink Promo codes

Also, there may be Genomelink Promo codes from time to time, especially around DNA day in April each year. The best strategy to get deals is probably to follow Genomelink blogs here or on Medium.

What does Genomelink offer?

Interesting features

Instead of medical health and ancestry estimates, Genomelink has a focus on other less mainstream, but interesting features in these categories:

  • Physical traits
  • Personality
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Intelligence

These traits are rarely covered by popular genetic testing companies, like 23andMe. For example:

genomelink trait reports

To see a list of genetic traits covered by Genomelink compared to 23andMe, you could read this blog

For example, the “Alcohol Drinking Behavior” report looks at your DNA in the ALDH2 gene, well known for its function in alcohol metabolism.

The personality tests are also very interesting. The CEO of Genomelink, Tomo, shared his own genomics data, so you could see examples of personality insights offered by Genomelink.

Genomelink sample report

Weekly new traits

If you are a paying subscriber, you can look forward to learning about new traits every week. They are curated by scientists based on the latest research in order to keep subscribed users up to date. 

Compare traits with others

As a user of the free or paid versions of Genomelink, you could compare your results with one or up to five other users. This could be something interesting to do with your partner, family or friends.

genomelink sample trait report

How do you use Genomelink?

Using Genomelink is a simple 4-step process.

  1. Create an account
  2. Download raw DNA data from your genetic testing company. Genomelink does not provide direct DNA testing services.
  3. Upload raw DNA to Genomelink.
  4. You can start exploring the free genetic traits straight away. Or you could subscribe to the paid plan to unlock all traits. 

Is Genomelink legit?

Although Genomelink bases its information on scientific publications, it is not a hardcore genetic library like SNPedia. Instead of using scientific language and statistical numbers, Genomelink makes everything very user-friendly with simplified interpretations. 

Users’ feedback on Genomelink’s simplified information is divided. Some users really appreciate Genomelink simplifying the information so that they could understand it, whilst others feel the information is not accurate or scientific enough.

After all, making a judgement on how legitimate or accurate Genomelink is could be a subjective matter. Genomelink also has some explanations on why its results may appear inaccurate. Understanbly, genetics is not the only determining factor for your traits. Your environment also mattes, especially when it comes to things like nutrition, lifestyle and education. The reliability of the scientific studies that Genomelink uses to draw conclusions also influences how accurate the results are. For more explanations, you could check out the blog “Why is my Genomelink result inaccurate?

Genomelink reviews & customers’ feedback

Both positive and negative voices are raised with regards to Genomelink. On Trustpilot, 63% users voted for Excellent, 26% for Great, 7% for Average, 2% for poor and 3% for bad.

Overall, most of the users are happy with Genomelink and thought that the information is fun and often accurate. Even on the free plan, you get lots of interesting insights, which is nothing to complain about.

Having said that, there are users who thought Genomelink misses the mark most of the time and did not communicate its scientific limitations enough to warn users.

Here are some places that you may want to check out to get a feel for yourself.

Is Genomelink safe?

Genomelink claims to take responsibility safeguarding your personal information from unauthorized use, but cannot guarantee the security of their systems. Having said that, Genomelink uses federal-level security grade for its server, opt-in consent and gives complete data ownership to its users. 

Deleting data from Genomelink

You have the right to withdraw consent or delete data from Genomelink. If you wish to delete your DNA data, you could click on “Data deletion” in your profile information on the Genomelink dashboard. 

How to cancel Genomelink subscription

Cancelling the subscription plan should also be straightforward. You could find information on how to cancel Genomelink subscription here

Detailed security information can be found in Genomelink’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Who runs Genomelink?

Genomelink is run by a Japanese team based in California, United States. The founders have vast experiences in the genomics, bioinformatics and software engineering space. The science and technology of Genomelink are supported by Illumina, Sony, Carlos Bustamante Lab at Stanford University and top-tier Japanese venture capitals.  


In summary, Genomelink is a unique service that will make you feel unique. Using your DNA data and genomics research, Genomelink predicts interesting traits about your body, mind and character. Although the results may sometimes be more fun than accurate, it is worth trying it out with the free plan. If you are convinced, you could dig deeper by becoming a subscriber. In the era of genetic analysis, take every chance to unleash the power of your DNA data!