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Genetic Genie Review: Choosing & Interpreting Report Results

What is Genetic Genie? is a website full of FREE tools to help you understand your genetic data. Their range of services offers whole genome analysis to more specific detox profiles.

Genetic Genie’s goal is to make these tools accessible to all; from researchers to everyday people. 

When to use Genetic Genie

Genetic Genie is a free way of unlocking the information in your genome. If you are interested in learning about your DNA but aren’t sure about what companies do with your data, Genetic Genie is a great FREE option that takes data privacy seriously. 

Services offered 

GenVue Discovery

GenVue Discovery allows users to upload their raw data file and read information about it. Once you have uploaded your data there are 5 sections to discover:

  • Genetic Conditions
  • Drug response
  • Other risks
  • Rare mutations
  • Uncommon mutations

Genetic Genie detox SNPs profile

What is an SNP?

An SNP is a single nucleotide polymorphism. A nucleotide is the basic building block of DNA. A polymorphism is a different form of something. Therefore a SNP is a different nucleotide in one location of your DNA. Each individual has millions of SNPs and this is what makes each individual unique. 

CYP450 genes

Detoxification genes are responsible for the breakdown of drugs in your body. These genes belong to the Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) family. CYP450 genes are a large family with many different variations of the genes. Different variations can mean you metabolise drugs quicker or slower than average. With Genetic Genie you can use the detox profile panel to view which CYP450 genes are in your genome. 

Methylation analysis

Methylation is a process where a molecule made of one carbon atom and 3 hydrogen atoms joins the DNA structure. Methylation of DNA can cause a gene to not function as it is supposed to. This abnormal function can result in a gene being expressed less OR more than it usually is. 

The Genetic Genie methylation analysis will identify whether there are certain mutations present in your genes.

Genetic Genie and MTHFR gene

The MTHFR gene is heavily implicated in many diseases. This gene plays many roles in the body:

  • Processing amino acids (the building blocks of protein)
  • Synthesis of folate (vitamin B9)

Other mutations

Genetic Genie also looks at several other genes where mutations may be present.

  • MAO-A R297R: This gene is involved with neurotransmitters (chemical messages between neurons) such as serotonin and dopamine. Neurotransmitters play an important role in mental illness.
  • COMT: COMT genes break down neurotransmitters. If they do not function properly due to a mutation then this can contribute to mental illness and behaviour disorders.
  • VDR: VDR mutations can result in low vitamin D levels which is associated with many neurological and immunological conditions.
  • BHMT: BHMT mutations have been linked to autism with Dr. Yasko’s research

Sometimes dietary and lifestyle changes can help cancel out any deficiencies caused by a mutation. A Genetic Genie methylation profile of your DNA helps identify these mutations and provide research that allows users to make informed lifestyle changes.

Genetic Genie results explained

Methylation analysis results

A genetic mutation results in a gene functioning with altered efficiency. Similar to methylation, this can result in a higher or lower amount of gene product being produced. This can be problematic for health. The Genetic Genie sample report below contains 4 columns of information (the first row starting COMT V158M will be used in the example).

How to read Genetic Genie results:

  1. Gene and Variation: COMT is the gene, this gene provides instructions for making catechol-O-methyltransferase. V158M is the particular variation being tested.
  2. rsID: Reference SNP cluster ID in this case is rs4680. An rsID is given when researchers identify an SNP. An SNP is a single nucleotide polymorphism. A mutation can cause an SNP, where one change in your DNA code can result in a totally different gene product being produced.
  3. Alleles: An allele is a version of a gene and you always have 2. Alleles are denoted by researchers as a letter. In this example AG are the alleles for this particular gene. 
  4. Result: A + is given to indicate a mutation present in an allele. A – indicates the mutation is not present. A red colour indicates both alleles are a mutation, yellow indicates only one is a mutation and green indicates no mutation is present.

Detox profile

The same methods used to read the methylation report can be used for the Genetic Genie detox profile interpretation. 

How to use Genetic Genie

  1. Upload your genomic data

In order to first use Genetic Genie you must have your genome sequenced. With Genetic Genie, 23andMe genetic data can be uploaded and analysed. Other raw data files accepted by Genetic Genie:

  • AncestryDNA
  • MyHeritage
  • Family Tree DNA
  • Living DNA
  • HomeDNA
  • Genes for Good
  • WeGene
  • 23Mofang
  • OR a Whole Genome Sequencing/ Whole Exome Sequencing VCF file
  1. Choose Genetic Genie report

You can use the methylation panel, detox panel or GenVue Discovery, all free of charge. 

  1. How to read Genetic Genie results

Interpreting your Genetic Genie results will depend on the amount of scientific knowledge you have. If your knowledge is limited, fear not as research articles are provided for you to deepen your understanding. 

What do users say about Genetic Genie?

Users report some scientific knowledge is required to understand the results from Genetic Genie. However, links for further research are provided.

“The resource links were particularly helpful for further research” –  Genetic Genie Health Testing Reviews

If the research links provided are not enough to help with your understanding there is a friendly community on reddit for help interpreting Genetic Genie results.

Using the Genetic Genie website is simple even if the results are a little complicated:

“Genetic Genie is a straightforward way of using raw genetic data” – 5 trusted sites that process raw 23andme and Ancestry data

Is Genetic Genie safe?

Genetic Genie takes many measures into ensuring safety and privacy for their users. 

  • Encryption
  • All information is sent and received via a HTTPS connection. 
  • Data is deleted after 24 hours

Genetic Genie does not share your raw genetic data with anyone and does not store it for more than 24 hours.

The Genetic Genie privacy policy is available to read here.

Alternatives to Genetic Genie

There are several services you can use to obtain information about your genetic data. One alternative is LiveWello

Livewello vs Genetic Genie

LiveWello Genetic Genie
One time fee of $19.95Health report gives personalised health advice based on your genetics (monthly subscription required)Review report with genetics counsellor or functional medical practitionerReport is updated with new information FREEInformation is genericAlthough your reports are not automatically updated, due to Genetic Genie being free you can simply upload your data each time to see if there are any updates.


Genetic Genie is great for those just getting started on their personalised genomics journey. This free service allows users to explore their genetic data and introduces them to scientific literature to further their understanding. Their simplistic reports allow anyone to understand the mutations present in their DNA.