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WeGene Review: The Most Accurate Ancestry Report in China

What is WeGene? WeGene is a genetic testing company headquartered in China’s Technology and Innovation hub, Shenzhen. It specializes in analysing the genetics of Chinese people. Although WeGene has an English website that intends to serve customers from worldwide, it currently doesn’t have nearly as

Can Xcode Life Tell You What to Eat and How to Gym?

What is Xcode Life? Xcode Life is one way of expanding the reach of your genetic data beyond what you already know from a typical genetic testing provider. Although Xcode Life itself does not offer DNA testing, it has advanced algorithms based on scientific literature

Is Genomelink legit? A Comprehensive Review

What is Genomelink? Genomelink ( is a site for anyone interested in learning more about themselves using genetics, not just health and ancestry but other quirkier traits.  Genomelink’s mission is to deliver fun self-discovery experiences that are relevant to daily life for everyone, in what

Fitness Genes – Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

What is FitnessGenes? FitnessGenes is a DNA analysis company that helps you formulate a diet and workout plan to optimize your training and achieve your health goals. Why use Fitness genes? FitnessGenes use insights from your DNA to give you that extra edge when training

Nebula Genomics: Things to Know Before Using

What is Nebula Genomics? Nebula Genomics is a genome sequencing company. They offer customers the opportunity to learn about their genetic makeup and maintain control of their genetic data. What is genome sequencing? Genome sequencing is the process of obtaining the complete sequence of DNA

How to Login to Website and App

How to login to Ancestry Having Ancestry login problems? If you already have an Ancestry account, follow the steps below to login to Go to Click “Sign In” at the top right-hand corner of the screen  Enter your email or username and password

LunaDNA uses blockchain to offer stock for DNA data

What is LunaDNA? LunaDNA describes itself as a community-owned platform for health research that promises to transform “your data into medical breakthroughs.” Its community of users share their health and DNA data with LunaDNA’s third-party platform, and receive dividend-paying stock in the company in return.

Athletigen Review: Which Report to Use?

What is Athletigen? Athletigen is a DNA testing and analysis company that helps people achieve their nutrition and sports performance goals.  Which report should I use? This depends on what you want to find out and what your budget is. The price range on the

Complete Guide to NutraHacker: Tutorial, Review & FAQ

Nutrahacker is a raw DNA analysis website. Raw DNA results may have been acquired from using well-known services such as 23andMe or AncestryDNA.  NutraHacker lets you know how your genes contribute to your health. It also offers advice on how to improve your health with