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Athletigen Review: Which Report to Use?

What is Athletigen?

Athletigen is a DNA testing and analysis company that helps people achieve their nutrition and sports performance goals. 

Which report should I use?

This depends on what you want to find out and what your budget is. The price range on the different products vary from FREE to $79.99. 

Cosmopolitan – FREE

The cosmopolitan report is free if you already have your raw DNA data file. This report analyses your genetic markers for where they most frequently occur in the world. Use this report if you want to find out more about your heritage.

 Welcome – FREE or $20

If you have purchased the Athletigen kit then you receive a FREE welcome report otherwise it is $20. This report is a more general insight into your genes that may influence nutrition and performance.

ALTIS Sport Performance – $79.99:

If you are looking to optimise your sporting potential then the ALTIS Sport performance report is for you.

ALTIS is an athletic training centre and one of Athletigen’s partners. Together they produce a quality sport performance report. Athletigen will analyse over 50 genetic markers and provide insights into 22 different traits:

  • Cellular energy
  • Cardiovascular performance
  • VO2 max
  • Muscular growth and adaptation
  • Muscular energy and metabolism
  • Oxygen carrying capacity
  • Response to caffeine
  • Body temperature change
  • Hydration and electrolytes

Optimum movement and recovery – $79.99:

If you struggle with injuries or would like to avoid them, the optimum movement and recovery report is ideal.

Athletigen has partnered with a world leading athletic therapy giant MobilityWOD. This report is all about how your DNA suggests you should move to recover from or prevent injury. The topics covered include:

  • Injury risk
  • Bone, muscular and joint health
  • Exercise recovery
  • Sleep hygiene

Nutrition – $69.99:

Nutrition is fundamental to sports performance. Athletigen’s nutrition report is composed of two parts.

How your DNA influences your body’s reaction to over 40 different nutrients including:

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins)
  • Food sensitivities

Athletigen gives you recommendations based on your DNA for which nutrients to take to supplement your diet. Depending on your DNA results they may also suggest avoiding certain foods.

Athletic – $64.99:

The Athletic report is for people who want to enhance their athletic training. Using insights from your DNA Athletigen recommends training exercises to optimise performance abilities. The traits they look at include:

  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Recovery 
  • Caffeine intake
  • Sleep.

Wellness – $59.99:

Genetics can give huge insights into underlying health risks. The Wellness report does exactly this. If you are looking for small lifestyle changes to make to avoid health problems later in life the wellness report is for you. Topics covered include: 

  • Bone health
  • Metabolic health
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Sleep health

Athletigen Reports Example

Athletigen’s many different reports are well presented and packaged in the same uniform style. The screenshots below have been taken from an Athletigen’s nutrition report. The overview of the report follows a simple but effective table design. The trait is listed and then the outcome from your DNA analysis suggests a plan of action.

Athletigen Reports Example
Athletigen Reports Example

The report then goes into greater detail for each trait listed in the overview. There is a paragraph of recommendations followed by general information about the specific trait.

Athletigen Vitamin Report Example

The nutrition report also covers food sensitivities. In the example below your genotype is given, represented by 2 letters. The letters refer to alleles, in this case C. An allele is a version of a gene. Different combinations of alleles give us diversity. In this instance, the user’s report does not think they have a gluten sensitivity and so does not recommend avoiding gluten.

Athletigen Nutrition Report Example

 Why use Athletigen?

If you are looking to optimise your sports performance, Athletigen can help you along the way. 

Detailed reports

With the choice of 7 different test reports you can gain insights into how your DNA can enhance your training regime. 

Expert advice

Athletigen have partnered with world-leading experts in sports training and exercise therapy to give you the best advice available.

Athletigen reviews

Reviews of Athletigen are largely positive. People seem to appreciate that you can use your raw data file from other sources.

“It’s awesome! I uploaded my Ancestry DNA data and downloaded the report right away.” – reddit

 MobilityWOD + Athletigen : crossfit 

Many reviews comment on Athletigen’s brilliant customer service:

“The Athletigen process was easy, and their customer service top notch.”


The detail Athletigen goes into is one of its highlights as shown by this customers review.

“The sections in the report are clear, useful and detailed”

There is a helpful community on Reddit giving advice on how to interpret results, but be careful of advice that may not come from professionals. 

How Long Does Athletigen Take

If you do not have a DNA raw data file and you want to purchase one from Athletigen, shipping will take 1-2 days to receive the kit. After Athletigen receives your results they say to wait 6-8 weeks for results. 

How to use Athletigen

Step 1: Select report 

There are 7 reports to choose from with varying prices from FREE – $79.99. All have many different things to offer so make sure to read each report information before choosing. Click here to view the products page and simply select the report you would like to read about. 

Step 2: Upload your raw data 

  1. To start using Athletigen you must first create an account. This is a simple process and should only take a minute.
  2. Next, you must obtain a DNA raw data file. You may already have your DNA genotyped from 23andMe, MyHeritage or AncestryDNA. Athletigen only supports raw data files from itself and:
  • 23andME
  • AncestryDNA

Athletigen also offers their own DNA kit that comes with a booklet of instructions. The main instructions are fairly simple:

  1. Order
  2. Swab the inside of your cheek and send back the kit
  3. Activate your potential

 Once you have received your results you can simply upload your data on their website. 

Step 3: Receive your report!

Your report will be made available straight away or between 6-8 weeks depending on your circumstances. If you have any questions about your results, Athletigen’s customer service is happy to help you.

Is Athletigen safe?

Safety and privacy of your genetic information is taken seriously at Athletigen. On their website there is an extensive privacy policy, ethics statement and data disclaimer to help you make an informed decision.

Privacy policy

Athletigen’s privacy policy follows both US and Canadian legislation and it is externally analysed to avoid bias. 

Ethics statement

Ethics in personal genomics is a huge debate. Athletigen wants to help lead that debate by defining what ethical personal genomics is. In this statement they make it clear genetic information should never be used as an indication for what job someone should have. This is important in the face of eugenics.

Data disclaimer

You can currently upload your DNA data from AncestryDNA, 23andMe or from Athletigens test. Athletigen do not take responsibility for incomplete genotyping from other sources.

Athletigen Alternative: DNAFit

Can use 3rd party raw DNA file
Price range FREE – $79.99
Nutrition report covers 30 traits 
Offer a DNA test with a very basic welcome report at $179
Can use 3rd party raw DNA file
Price range $189 – $499
Diet report covers 24 traits
Offer an extensive DNA report with lifestyle coaching from $189 to $499


Athletigen is a professional genomics company that takes consumer safety and privacy seriously. Their reports are easy to read even in the face of confusing scientific language. Some of their reports partner with world-leading experts making the advice you receive great value for money.